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Wednesday, 12 May 2021 | 07:53 AM

I frankly don’t know how to express my joy.

It is the first time in a very long while I am taking the classical shit.

It’s composed of three distinct tirds. They are all very compact, twisted just a little, dark brown, in between of smoothness and roughness, just the right amount of lumps.

If I had a photographic studio I’d frame the picture of the year. It is simply too much. Too much beauty before my very eyes. I am moved. I start crying.

…or just maybe… I am crying because of its burning smell.

Sunday, 9 May 2021 | 08:02 AM

Yesterday I randomised my nutrition.

Normal breakfast (guaranteed), then I ate two carrots and an apple from 10AM to 5PM

At 5PM I started feeling a bit hungry, so I ate a red steak. 3 beers after that, and some pizza for dinner (9PM).

My arse doesn’t understand what happened. Indeed it just 2-minute farts, and 1-kg turd, and repeat.

Friday, 7 May 2021 | 07:49 AM

Almost forgetting to have a writing here!

I started a new job this week. Until I set myself up, I won’t have regular shits, I tend to forget to write about them, I am sleeping a lot.

Btw, the one lying at the bottom of my toilet cannot be defined as a tird. It has no shape, it sticked on my arse’s skin, it’s pale brown.

At least my belly doesn’t hurt! …wait a minute…😖