Friday, 27 January 2023 | 12:17 PM

Practically waiting for this to happen.

Was working all day at my laptop from home. When this morning I had to have a shit, I realised there were more to come. I was sure! But nothing would get out in that moment. i just needed to be patient.

Yes indeed. Some loose shit was hanging fire until this freaking moment. There was a sudden point when I simply had to pop up from my ergonomic stool and run for my life.

Now, what else? Nothing, some black coffee maybe… nope. Already enough with dark brown liquids…

Friday, 20 January 2023 | 08:24 AM

It’s really difficult to bear.

Yesterday I ate at an Indian restaurant, everything was very good. Delicious. thing is, it kept me awake during the night, feeling prostate irritate, suggesting me to go get peeing.

Apart from that, during the night, I felt something growing and descending inside me. At one point I fell back to sleep.

As I woke up I felt better, and I had my breakfast, milk and cereal. I always put milk first.

Right once I drank the last sip, I felt my belly exploding. It was unbearable! I rushed to the bathroom, aaand my arse immediately vomited every brown stuff in the toilet! BOOOM!

Now I feel a lot better