Going camping and pooping outdoor

Have you ever been camping?

I practice amateur sport climbing and I go camping almost every weekend. Usually we leave on Saturday, we camp, and then go climbing on Sunday morning.

Camping is real fun, it makes me feel mor in contact with nature, I can turn off my technological appliances and just enjoy my own self, be animals again. The camping experience is plenty of cool features, such as start a fire and cook raw meat on top of it, sleeping with natural sound in the background, waking up with the real sunlight, instead of artificial lights, and more.

But it is also full of downsides. For instance, the last weekend I couldn’t join my group camping, my girlfriend told me she almost didn’t sleep because she got bullied by cows… they circled around her tent, grazing in the middle of the night, keeping her awake with their bells. If her slumber was not bad enough already, she definitely ended up sleepless when a real bull went grazing right underneath her tent, moving her mat with her on top with his giant nose. She was frightened, moon light projected ita huge face on the tent, with its giant horns scaring her to death.

Apart from that camping is a lot of fun, especially for me, I wake up, have some breakfast, then straightly go find the best spot to crouch and have a shit. Love it.

I just hope I don’t have diarrhoea…

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