Daily Prompt

Describe something you learned in high school.

You know, high school it’s supposed to teach you the basics of adult life, math, literature, physics, biology, chemistry, everything you could need for university, or starting a job then.

Thing is, high school also comes with some bonus teaching, everything you learn from student life. You learn social skills from your friends, you learn what money means, you learn love, you learn stuff can go wrong. You learn life is complex.

And that’s exactly what I learned in High school. Things can go rough. Especially with my intestines. Every exam, every test, I suffered anxiety. What I learned is, my anxiety goes strictly to my bowels, hence causing me turmoil. Hence giving me diarrhoea. Causing me to hold farts for the whole school day, and sometimes just venting a little bit, learning to master it… eventually making my life complex.

From that moment on I discovered there was something I will have had to take care of for the rest of my life, shit.

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I am a timid piece of crap

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