Thursday, 16 March 2023 | 04:51 PM


Luckily I got back home after lunch, and worked on my laptop the whole afternoon long, farts frequency becoming more and more dense and their sound and smell more and more intense.

I was then folding my robes, when the last fart announced itself: ‘I am the last one, after me there is something less gassy, more likely solid, I am the last one indeed.

Right. There I am now, sitting on my toilet. There actually was some in-between fart, not a real one, not some shit. It was a sudden bomb of both. After that only a devastation of oil-like shit.

Yeah, it was devastating. But now I am feeling MUUUCH BETTER!!!

I can go have some workout now!!

Published by theshytird

I am a timid piece of crap

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