Sunday, 5 February 2023 | 05:35 PM

Finally got home after a day spent climbing.

I had a lot of fun, I say ‘finally’ just because I was really looking forward to cleaning myself.

In the morning I had to take a shit in the wild. Fine. After that I felt a little relieved, I was usure about the future…

After some rice eaten for lunch, I felt it. What did not present itself before. Some serious loose shit. And I say serious because it was one of those moment you wish to be at home, in your own toilet.

There was no toilet. And I was crouched, trying to balance my muscles in order not to get sprayed by my reeky arsehole. Yes. Sprayed was the right word.

And that’s it

The best part was piling the second session’s product on top of the first one. A big pile of poop.

How cool…

I have some clear issue.

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