A brief toilet adventure, from a friend of mine

She has just changed her job, she now works in a big firm, so she’s new there in the office… she told me that something never occurred before, my happened to her. Never ever.

So basically she has one poop every day before going to bed, and one poop as she wakes up. She is quite a regular and this makes her have a wonderful clear-bowels day. This regularity disappeared for the whole weekend, when she drank, eat, and lived as a weekend requires.

No shit on saturday, no shit on sunday, no shit on monday morning. Shit. That is no good.

As she arrives to the office, she has her morning coffee, this gave her the right sprint for the beginning of the day, but after a few minutes she starts trembling, her anus shaking, she has goosebumps all around her skin. She resists, for an hour at max, after that, she must had to go to the loo, so she ran for it, closing all doors behind, then sits.

As soon as she sits, a wide quantity of poop spread on the water surface, kind of like oil on the ocean. It was immensity. Vastness. She says she never had such a poop as that, never at home, never outside. She panicked, can’t blame her… it is difficult to manage stuff such these for the first time.

As she finishes, she flushes everything off. A good half of it got actually ejected. The other half was there, everywhere, below the water surface, above it, on the border of the closet, it was a freaking mess.

She starts pushing the flush every two seconds, hoping it fills up again fast, but it is too slow! Shit, shit, shit! Anybody could come inside at any moment!

She starts scanning all the space surrounding her. And she founds it: a grey basin, camouflaging next to the grey wall.

She opens the faucet at maximum speed, filling up the basin and emptying on top of the remaining sticky browns.

Once. Twice, six times. In seven acts, everything was gone. Stink still there, she escaped from the room, and got back to work, after forty minutes.

Still agitated, she is finally sitting at her work station, timorously ogling the toilets’ door. Nobody gets inside.

Everything went through perfectly, wow, anything could go wrong, anybody could have got inside, during her adventure. But she got it. Problem solved.

She shook her head a little, in an excited amusement, as one of her new workmates gives her a worried look.

And he says ‘is everything all right?’

The end

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