Sunday, 26 June 2022 | 09:20 AM

I was looking forward for this morning’s discharging, ever since I bit the very first pizza slice for dinner. It was heavy, I felt it. Difficult for my bowels to process. I knew it.

I slept uncommonly good, but as soon as I was awake, a powerful great sceptre was pulsing inside me. With its magic powers it controlled my movements, I was headed to the kitchen, to have breakfast, but it immediately made me turn a door before. In a blink of an eye I was sitting on the toilet.

The sceptre gets out, twisting and turning like crazy, as its magical whim fades out. The more it go forth, the more its magical mana expires.

Here it is now, a lost relic, a once potent rod used to rule ‘em all, laying at the bottom of the toilet. Hidden for ever, its story ends here. Farewell

Published by theshytird

I am a timid piece of crap

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