Tuesday, 31 May 2022 | 06:28 AM

Anxiety and stress alter our body’s most basic instincts. Our stress comes from our so-frenetic life we live, so modern, hustle and bustle, running to pur jobs, making this and that. That is so sad. We’re not born for that. That doesn’t let us appreciate our mist basic needs.

We are born for pleasure, we are born to take shits in the wild, wiping up with bark, dangling around our turds and throwing it off some cliff. This different present makes me sad. We shall be more animals and less… stupid. We shall die in our 30s happiest men ever, we shan’t survive 80s in so much pain.

And that’s what anxiety constipation makes me think.

Published by theshytird

I am a timid piece of crap

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