Fan Mail #1

Hi the Shy Tird! 

I had a complicated experience in my office today, and I immediately thought about you. Here’s the thing: 

The working day was over but i was keeping my shit inside me the whole day. I just had one need: all my workmates to be out of the office, and the toilet all for me. 

When it finally happened i was very happy, but just cause i didn’t know what was about to happen…

So i delivered the massive shit that was obsessing me the whole day, i wiped my ass and a sudden awareness invested me: the last mate who left the office used the toilet right before going out, and this meant i had to wait at least 15 mins before I could flush again! 

I started panicking as i really needed to go to the gym – my personal trainer was waiting for me and i was already a bit late – and i didn’t want to leave a brown gift to the first one arriving the next day! 

All of a sudden i had an epiphany, maybe there was a bucket inside the storage closet! I started taking everything out of it and i finally found it,  the mop bucket was there!!! 

I took it, fill it with water, and pour it inside the toilet – and it worked, it flushed! Only thing is that after that, the water wasn’t clean at all, cause all the dirt and the dust that was inside the bucket was now inside the toilet… 

So this is the end of the story, tomorrow i really need to be the first one who arrives at the office, and flush the shit out of it – not literally lol

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I am a timid piece of crap

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