Tuesday, 8 June 2021 | 07:12 PM

I’ve never thought I would have ended up reporting something like this when I first opened this blog.

This morning I had my circumcision. The surgery itself hasn’t been painful. Holding my farts during the whole operation was tough, though.

I now need two weeks to recover, but – I’m thinking – in the meanwhile, I’m gonna need to shit!

Fuck. I am scared. Why couldn’t they cut it once I was born? Now everything is so much complicated…

Anyway. This is my first shit after the surgery. I spent the last three hours working at my laptop, trying hard to concentrate while the pain was climaxing my dick.

Well. Now I emptied from the rubbish, the pain is gone. So after all, it was just crap’s fault!

Published by theshytird

I am a timid piece of crap

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