Friday, 17 January 2020 | 07:25 AM

Friday, 17 January 2020 | 07:25 AM

Such a lovely intestine I have! I spent the night collecting farts while sleeping.

I can’t say I slept badly, I just woke up a bit earlier than I expected!

On the other hand I lived the most adventurous dream ever: at first I went in Copenaghen for the official roll-out of one of my best friends’ roller coaster. It was more like a huge wheel (350 feet high) onto we orbited so stupidly fast I lost control and smashed pretty far away from it.

I ended up in a place such far I can’t say it was in Denmark anymore. I just know I was at another friend of mine’s place. In the real world money is not a problem for him at all all right? But in this spectacular dream he bought a new Audi prototype kinda resembling a rollercoaster-spacecraft-launching-vessel – you know, the kind of stuff Elon Musk invests 4 million dollars on. I was inside it with a few other friends, at launch I was excited – I like speedy things! – though I startled as soon as we departed. It was out of control!

Needless to say I ended up in a new Sci-Fi scenario (I’m really considering a career into Cinema – my brain appears to be good at non-sense scripts): this time I was with scientists on a platform built under the sea, we were testing odd swimming suits that looked like spacesuits, and the head of the operation was my former professor at University. I can’t really recall how the dream ended, but I’m quite sure the suit stopped working right after we dived.

Even if I died tonight, and I am now concerned about my roller-coaster drift, the dream was terrific!

By the way, all this time I was telling my tales I am still pooping. Just saying

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